Perhaps you haven’t realized it, but Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already made deep inroads into the world of Real Estate Investment. Don’t reach for your smelling salts, it’s a good thing.

Some of the most common uses of AI in the world of the investor are Predictive Analytics, 3D Modeling, Smart Home Devices, and Property Management. When you see an estimate on the value of a property, it’s usually based on data driven predictions from AI. These predictions now come from algorithms generated by AI instead of human interpretation.

Having gained popularity during the Covid Pandemic, AI plays a role in creating three-dimensional models of properties, office space, apartment, and land so that interested buyers can get a fairly accurate picture on their mobile devices and computers.

AI also plays a role in smart devices. By monitoring thermostats, lighting, security cameras, landlords can both save money and be up to date on any security, energy and maintenance issues.

There are many applications for AI in Property Management including: tenant screening, Leasing information and applications.

AI in the Real Estate Community, to date, has enabled efficiency and growth. When added to the Human Touch of investors and landlords, future expansion seems unlimited.