Speaker 1:          

Mark Perlberg, CPA here, to address the most common misperception that I see with beginning business owners. You do not need an LLC to have write-offs. You do not need an LLC to start a business. Should you have an LLC, most likely, if you have expenses that do not come directly out of your LLC, whether they’re from your personal accounts or your credit cards, you still want to record them, because you can still most likely write them off.

Most of you guys are getting so hung up on this LLC topic, and S-corps, and C-corps, and if you can’t afford a tax advisor or don’t have any time right now, or don’t even know if this business is going to take off, just get started, or you can create your own LLC in maybe 10 or 15 minutes with your state. If you can find an advisor, that’s even better, but I want you guys to just get started and get the ball rolling. Stop stressing out and obsessing over this topic.