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Record Keeping Templates For Investors and Business Owners

Are you uncertain of how to record your revenues and expenses for your investments or business activity? Many beginning investors and entrepreneurs do not have enough activity to require a bookkeeper or bookkeeping system, but will still need a way to document all of their expenses in a detailed manner. We’ve created these templates below to guide you in preparing sufficient documentation for classifying expenses and maximizing your deductions with enough detail to survive an audit.

Mileage Log

Use this excel template for documenting business related travel and calculating mileage expenses. Additional travel expenses may include flights, public transportation and car rentals.

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Schedule E Template

Rental income is usually recorded on Schedule E of your 1040. Use this template as a guide to record and classify your revenue and expenses for your rentals.

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Schedule C Template

Active income will be recorded on Schedule C of your 1040. Use this as a guide for recording activity such as property management, sales, flipping, wholesales, consulting, construction and work performed as a general contractor.

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