There is an old saying: Invest in land because they aren’t making more of it. The Super Wealthy have taken that strategy to heart with staggering land ownership  statistics such as:

  • John Malone 2.2 million acres
  • The Emmerson Family 2.078 million acres
  • Ted Turner 2 million acres

Huge land holdings are generally a combination of farmland, ranch land, and timber land. Many of those holdings are subdivided into business holdings that include ranch tourism, paper and lumber businesses, and food supply.

While land ownership is a universal asset; extreme due diligence is a requirement for such investment. Productive agricultural land provides steady appreciation paired with low volatility, making it a solid investment in an inflationary environment with special tax incentives and treatments.

Ranching, farming, conservation and forest holdings require time and money . The land may be appreciating but so are the costs. If you are interested in land ownership  but have no desire to oversee a ranch, forest  or farm, consider syndicate and other investment groups to get your own slice of the American Dream.