Tax & Investment Strategies for Real Estate Agents

Combining a real estate license with real estate investing creates a world of opportunities to build wealth. There are also many tax advantages and tax traps to consider. On this webinar, we are going to discuss:
– Common write-offs
– Payroll taxes and planning
– The Real Estate Professional Tax Status
– How your Real Estate License Helps with Investing
– How Investing Creates Opportunities for Being a Realtor

Tax and Business Strategies For Short-Term Rentals

When you look closely at the tax code, short-term rentals provide incredible opportunities to reduce taxable income from your job unlike any other forms of RE investing. Learn more about this and other advanced strategies during my live (and recorded!) webinar next Thursday. Strategies updated for CARES Act.

Entity Structure and Tax Strategies for Foreign Investors of US Real Estate

I have International Tax Attorney and Partner at Culhane Meadows, Patrick McCormick, to help us understand what we can do to properly structure a compliant and tax efficient entity for the investment activity. Together we will discuss the basics of entity planning and tax strategies to ensure the best outcomes for you and your international partners.

Partnering with the Right Bank for Success in Real Estate Investing

An experienced banker can do much more to help your business than you’d think. Lots of great information from Mark Lewis of PeoplesBank, who is a tremendous asset to the investors he serves. Some topics we discuss are:
– How to find the right bank for your business
– What financial instruments are best for your investments
– How to qualify for financing

Tax Incentives to Quit Your Job for Real Estate Investing

Transitioning from being an employee to a full-time investor opens a whole new world of tax saving opportunities for you and your family. If you’re on the fence about leaving your job and uncertain if you can afford to go out on your own, you’ll be surprised to find that there are amazing tax incentives that will encourage the move.

Investing in Real Estate While Raising a Family

Are you ready to begin your path toward financial freedom? An effective tax strategy is one of the best investments you can ever make into getting there! When pursuing financial freedom, many are held back by lack of capital, and so much of their income goes back to Uncle Sam instead of their businesses. Most accountants only file returns after the year has closed, and provide minimal guidance on reducing your taxes. Implementing a tax strategy throughout the year minimizes taxes, frees capital to reinvest into your business or savings, and takes years off your timeline to reach your financial goals. In this webinar we will discuss: – How to utilize tax incentives to optimize business growth – How to implement a tax strategy that accelerates your path to financial freedom – How to determine what strategies and incentives are available for you right now to reach your goals.

Turning Real Estate and Business Losses into Tax Wins

ID-19, which can create new tax saving opportunities with the right tax plan in place. In this webinar will discuss generating and capitalizing on real estate and business losses, including analysis of recent tax code changes in the CARES Act.

How Depreciation Can Save You Millions in Taxes and Capital

I will discuss and some techniques to maximize the tax benefits of depreciation and answer common questions about the expense. Some of the topics we will discuss are:
– Basics of depreciation
– Calculating depreciation for real estate investments
– Cost segregation
– Missed depreciation opportunities

How to Determine If You’re Overpaying in Taxes

I meet so many people who have no idea what their tax returns mean, and are uncertain if they are paying the right amount in taxes. If you haven’t had a chance to review your tax return with a CPA, and fully examine what everything means, and I’ll walk you through how to identify any missed tax saving opportunities. Bring your return before you press play! As you know, I specialize in real estate investing, but this will also be valuable to independent contractors and small business owners.

Getting Started in Real Estate Investing and overcoming the barrier of “NEW YORK IS TOO EXPENSIVE”

I had the honor and privilege to be a guest speaker with Rachelle Rayner and the Westchest Real Estate Investors group and Goldstein Property Partners. Description below:

​This session we will discuss how to get started in real estate investing even when your “backyard” is too expensive. Guest speaker, Mark Perlberg, Real Estate CPA & Tax Strategist will delve into the benefits of embracing risk and uncertainty along with some tax “hacks” for growing wealth, creating refunds and freeing up capital. Make sure you bring your notebook and a pen, you’re sure to receive tons of knowledge and value.

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