The IRS knows how to play hardball when it comes to deducting expenses for clubs such as golf, tennis, or country clubs. While you can’t deduct dues and membership fees, for any facility designed for recreation, legitimate business expenses still qualify as tax deductions. If you’re discussing business while entertaining, that expense is a legitimate business deduction.

It’s important to note that you may still deduct membership fees, dues and other costs associated with business, civic service and trade related organizations such as The Chamber of Commerce, the bar association and The Rotary Club. The basic distinction is any group organized for pleasure and entertainment is off limits on your tax return in terms of fees and dues.

It’s easy to get confused when the makes generous allowances for other seemingly pleasurable activities such as boating. We can help navigate you and your business through the IRS minefield. We welcome you to take advantage of a free discovery session by visiting New Client Application or